My favourite blogs you need to check out.

As a blogger I love to read other bloggers blogs and today I will love to share with you guys some of my favourite blogs, I love them for one thing, they are not the same but are all unique.


The daily stroll–where words become an art of medium!

 Sunder Shana writes the blog, and it’s  great, she writes inspirational posts and makes up posts that will make you to think, so also writes fiction too,check out here blog to see more.

Wander lust calls

I love her blog because she writes about travel( that’s the wander lust in it)she shares her experiences on the places she’s been to and as someone who loves the idea of travelling, I read her blog posts really often, she shares great vacation pictures and her write ups are really good, check out her blog to see more.

The obsession begins

I love Jordyn’s blog because its posts are inspirational and contains texts that make me think, I love her blog also because she is consistent at writting fabulous posts, check out her blog and you will love it.

The chronicles of Renard

Renard’s blog is all about music, blogging tips, entertainment, news and a whole lot of others which you will surely love to know about.He made a post titled “your blog’s first impression really matters” and that post inspired me a lot, Check out his blog for some great info.

Oriana notes

Oh Oriana’s blog is great, she writes great posts, she writes about lifestyle/fashion and a whole lot of things, check out her blog here.

The pearly life

I stumbled upon pearl’s blog lately and i must say , her blog’s just great, she writes about beauty, travel and a whole lot more, so if you are a beauty brethren or you love make up and other beauty products,her blog is meant for you and you will love it.

Bunny Baubles–A DIY Lifestyle Blog

Julia’s blog is great, she writes about sewing, baking, decoration and party planning, the category I love most is the baking part, when she want’s to share about a recipe she add pictures to it for more understanding, if you love baking, sure you will love her blog.She writes about parties too.


I love her blog because she writes reviews on novels, she blogs about literature and other things, so if you love literature; check out her blog you will love it. I love the review of this book ‘the wrath and dawn by Renee Ahdieh” it is quite intriguing, clink on the link below to check it out.

Review: The Wrath & The Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

So guys, for now the above written blogs are my favourite, I gain from them, with time I believe I will discover more great blogs and share them with you guys, for the time being, have a nice.


SPEEDY, smiles.






9 thoughts on “My favourite blogs you need to check out.

  1. [ Smiles ] Oh, I am pleasantly surprised and it is nice to know that my blog is one of your favourites.

    Thank you so kindly for recommending it to your viewing audience.

    I will also be checking out the rest of your favourite blogs on your list!

    Liked by 1 person

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