How to pack for a travel without forgetting so much.

No doubt,you may be planning to travel anytime soon, I remember when I was preparing and packing my bags for camping, yes I packed on time but, on reaching to the camping ground I found out I had forgotten some things, I even forgot my toothpaste/brush, and even my pair of flip-flop. You might have experienced it too, (sucks right?). There are some things that when you forget them, your travel  almost becomes ruined, and that’s the first things that should fly inside your bags you know,That’s why I developed a strategy to hinder the spirit of forgetfulness ha-ha.

Vw Camper, Volkswagen, Vw, Car

Here’s how I do it:

One week to the day I’ll take off, I will get a book and list out the things which I will need for traveling, after listing them out, I will check whether they are available, if they are not I will provide the ones I can immediately.

Three days to the traveling day I will start packing, any stuff that i put in my bag, i will tick it immediately in my list of traveling stuffs. And once i put them into my bag, it’s not coming out until I get to my destination.

Bag, Leather, Skin

This way I don’t easily forget something unless I want to, and you can apply this method too, it works for me and so will work for you too.

I wish you a happy vacation




6 thoughts on “How to pack for a travel without forgetting so much.

  1. mara says:

    Oh nice one here, I have experienced this too, packing but later forgetting a lot, I think your strategy will work.. thanks


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