lifestyle Exclusives is one!!!

Cheers to Lifestyle Exclusives!!!




Hello everyone, and today’s post is one of the specials from lifestyle exclusives, earlier this morning I got a notification from the WordPress team congratulating us (Lifestyle Exclusives) for one year blogging success, oh yes it’s indeed a success because for the first time in three years am celebrating my first successful blog ever (cheers to that) after the breakdown of others.


Around this time last year, I created lifestyle exclusives and since then updating it and working for it to reach great heights has always been a priority. Blogging has taught me so much and in some ways it has changed the way I view things and the way I relate with people both online and in reality, it has also taught me patience. Am celebrating my blog’s one year success today,so am goanna share some things that made it successful and I believe it’s goanna work out for you too.

Believe me when I say that blogging is hard work, when I started blogging a good way to keep things going was to be consistent with publishing posts and when I tell you it’s hard, believe me It is. So the remedy was scheduling posts at least I tried to publish 3 posts a week and through that way, my blog started getting like and comments/follows and to add to that, Lifestyle Exclusive count’s up to 100 followers! So consistency is key.

Birthday Cake, Cake, Birthday, Cupcakes

All thanks to the WordPress platform! reading and following/commenting on other blogs was also a great aid to my blog’s success because I got to know other fellow bloggers and it made blogging more fun, Through that way, I got more blogging Ideas and more blogging tips and then my blog was reaching more audience!

These two ways are success filled and that’s why you know about LIFESTYLE EXCLUSIVES today, am so happy and planning to host it officially so I can start earning from it, all thanks to WordPress!

I wish Lifestyle Exclusives more grace and more success, thanks for visiting today!!

Until next time…….

Lillian B


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