Best things to do in this new month(my bucket list)

Hello guys and a happy new month to you dearie! July has come and gone, it was a nice month thank God for July and all the good things it brought and left behind while going. Welcome to the month of August and as you all know, in a new month it is always good... Continue Reading →


Tips for growing a virgin hair.

  I think that’s the trend right now (especially in Nigeria), everyone wants to grow a virgin hair and some people are even cutting their hair so as to grow the virgin hair (am already on it). A virgin hair is a hair that has not been relaxed, stretched or treated with any inorganic product,... Continue Reading →

Basic sewing terms and their meanings.

Hello everyone, Taking things back to sewing and today it's all about sewing terms and their meanings.It's always important that you know the meaning of these terms because you will encounter them as you go deeper in sewing, especially if you are learning sewing online. so without further ado let's get into business. Selvedge The... Continue Reading →

Happy blogger awards!

Hello everyone, Am so happy being a blogger and most of all, blogging in the WordPress community, so today I tagged this post Happy Blogger ! I am happy blogging. Years back ,all I wanted was to write and publish just anything but now, I have found my passion here on the WordPress platform, you know,... Continue Reading →

Make ups of a true friendship.

Remember that time you really needed to talk about something bothering you which you can't tell anyone else, who do you go to...your friend right? No man is an island, one needs to make friends and that makes life worth living. Personally, I love making friends and meeting new people, it’s just one of the things... Continue Reading →

Ways to make your clothes last long

  Some times you buy clothes and not up to 6 months the clothes gets old or starts losing its beauty sometimes starts fading, have you ever wondered what causes that or the reasons it is so? For a clothing to last long, it depends on the way the clothing is being taken care of,... Continue Reading →

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