Writing: How to make money online

In the 21st century, there are many side job options for you to choose. Writing appears to be a lucrative one among the numerous list.The demand for writers is on the high as the digital era advances with great speed. From copy writing, to blog writing, article writing, web content, editing.....just to mention a few.If … Continue reading Writing: How to make money online

The time says 2020!!!

Yeah,Happy new year!!It's 2020,Now you're a year older, a new year has been given unto us all. A new beginning, another Chance to hit that which we struggle to hit. There's something special about 2020, the aroma, the flavour of opportunities.Tee-girl gat an announcement to make today.So my blessed readers, from 2020 onwards, we're goanna … Continue reading The time says 2020!!!