Introduction to Social media marketing: anybody can do it!

Digital marketing is the new black, and social media is where it all happens. Small businesses are even going digital. Social media marketing is a business strategy, it is the business of creating compelling contents on social media platforms to drive sales as the end result. Anybody can advertise anything online but the supposed question … Continue reading Introduction to Social media marketing: anybody can do it!

Goals plus confidence is hot!

Babes got goals for themselves! Thing is the more you crush those goals the more confident you are to try more, the more higher you get and right there " you're at the top" So today I'm all about empowering the ladies to wake up and chase something, look you have a whole lot of … Continue reading Goals plus confidence is hot!


That's the fear of not being near your phone for some time, which some of us are unconsciously suffering from. Our present world is filled with so many average products and services, and that makes us believe that we are being offered the best not knowing that the extra ordinary is being denied from us. … Continue reading Nomophobia