How I make my vaseline.

During the winter season, that's when I normally use vaseline because of its great importance to me, vasline is a gel like body lotion, I use it during winters because it protects me from the harsh weather now here's how i make it.   Ingredients: Petroleum jelly paraffin oil Candle wax Pears perfume(or any other … Continue reading How I make my vaseline.


Cake lovers:Explore some cake design styles!

Hello guys,  I guess my last post this February is goanna be on cakes. like am one of the cake lovers here, so , today i got some cake design styles to showcase to you guys and i hope you love it, am in love with baking, so that's all there is to it. Lovely … Continue reading Cake lovers:Explore some cake design styles!


Hi guys, I know that there are two or three things that you love doing, I call that your hobby, I have my hobbies too, a lot of them, ones like cooking, taking photographs , drawing, crocheting. The one I enjoy most is making beaded jewelry, fun , earns me money. just thought to alert … Continue reading Hobbies