How I make my vaseline.

During the winter season, that's when I normally use vaseline because of its great importance to me, vasline is a gel like body lotion, I use it during winters because it protects me from the harsh weather now here's how i make it.   Ingredients: Petroleum jelly paraffin oil Candle wax Pears perfume(or any other... Continue Reading →

What is life?

Life at it’s best is very brief. Though people say life has three stages: the morning (prime), afternoon (middle), and twilight (old age), there is no guarantee that a person would live through all the stages. Life can terminate at any time, any stage and any age. Some people die, even before they are born;... Continue Reading →

Plantain chips recipie: snacking

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello guys, I don't know whether you love plantain chips, like I do, I use it to snack. Maybe you don't know how to do it, just balance well, I'll teach you. Buy fresh ripe plantain from the grocery store/supermarket, peel it and then get a grater Use the straight... Continue Reading →

The right way to make a fruit juice.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello everyone, so today I thought to write about making juice the right way so that it will benefit the body, to me, drinking a canned fruit juice is just  like drinking up calories, cause some of them are not healthy. fruit juice and smoothies are almost the same, visit... Continue Reading →

Things succesful bloggers do.

    Hello guys, and today it’s all about successful bloggers, success in blogging is a gradual thing, you know what, when you star blogging, you won’t get noticed immediately, it all happens with time. Some successful bloggers today all started from scratch, there are things that successful bloggers do: They write great contents: You... Continue Reading →

Causes of hair breakage and solutions

Some women face this problem while growing their hair,hair breakage is the excess falling off of the hair,it is caused by many things like inadequate diet and illness. Source: Causes of hair breakage and solutions


Hi guys, I know that there are two or three things that you love doing, I call that your hobby, I have my hobbies too, a lot of them, ones like cooking, taking photographs , drawing, crocheting. The one I enjoy most is making beaded jewelry, fun , earns me money. just thought to alert... Continue Reading →

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