Happy blogger awards!

Hello everyone, Am so happy being a blogger and most of all, blogging in the WordPress community, so today I tagged this post Happy Blogger ! I am happy blogging. Years back ,all I wanted was to write and publish just anything but now, I have found my passion here on the WordPress platform, you know,... Continue Reading →

Make ups of a true friendship.

Remember that time you really needed to talk about something bothering you which you can't tell anyone else, who do you go to...your friend right? No man is an island, one needs to make friends and that makes life worth living. Personally, I love making friends and meeting new people, it’s just one of the things... Continue Reading →

Ways to make your clothes last long

  Some times you buy clothes and not up to 6 months the clothes gets old or starts losing its beauty sometimes starts fading, have you ever wondered what causes that or the reasons it is so? For a clothing to last long, it depends on the way the clothing is being taken care of,... Continue Reading →

Facts about living in a school lodge/hostel

    Oh hello everyone! living in a dormitory is quite great,I can't forget my dormitory experiences,but there are some facts about it, a dorm is filled with different personalities and kinds of people so:   You are goanna share: Yeah, sometimes you just have to share your things with your neighbor; it’s also an... Continue Reading →

List of my favorite posts.

Hello guys, today I thought to promote some of my blog posts so you guys can see them, and scan through, I have been writting , so today I decided to showcase to you some of my favourite posts. Enjoy! The attitudes of a lady Meet/know the author What I eat to stay healthy. My... Continue Reading →

How to make your sewing look professional.

Hello everyone, the other day, I made a post about some basic sewing equipments and today let’s know the things that are goanna help make our sewing look professional although it is home-made. You know the feeling you get when you sew and it’s neat and almost looks like the ones you get right from... Continue Reading →

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