Slowly rounding up the year!

Cheers to 2017!! one month and two days to go.

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Yay!!  So  far so good, am so ready to bid good-bye to 2017, 2017 was just great like I can’t express my happiness in full.  I just checked on my new year resolutions for 2017 and happily I fulfilled some and some were wanting (I shall see for them). Blogging this year was so fun and am happy to say that I joined the WordPress community, I met a lot of bloggers this year and I stumbled upon so many great blogs this year. Based on blogging I would love to use this opportunity to share some of the blogs that helped make 2017 a wonderful year for me! Yay!! Let’s roll with the happiness.

The daily stroll__where words become an art of medium.

Written by my Indian friend Purva, her blog just made my times this year, fills my world with fictional stories and I tell you she is really good at it.

Wanderlust__to my heart and soul……

Some of my travel posts were inspired by this blog, it’s written by Debbie, she can solo travel and all, her blog enlightened me on travels and travel destinations, and her blog is a real inspiration to travel more! Check out my travel bucket list!

The pearly life

I call it a beauty and lifestyle blog, featuring travel also, written by pearl, she is a Nigerian student, and she shares great pics on her travels.


I love her blog because she writes reviews on novels, she blogs about literature and other things,her blog is titled Ruminvte, she is a happy blogger.


Meet Renard, the author of The Chronicles of Renard, he is a versatile blogger, and  a great mate whom I met here on the WordPress community, he inspires me to write more, he made my year too!

You know your best blogs, tell us about them and let’s check them out too, by the corner is christmas and am already getting ready for it, ah don’t know about you? expect christmas related posts from me soon, by the way, how was your year?












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