What I eat to stay healthy.

Hello guys Yeah good morning everyone I decided to publish this post this morning(just before you go,it's monday) you know living a healthy life depends on what you eat because you are a product of what you eat, am so happy to write this today, so am goanna tell you what I eat to stay... Continue Reading →

Best foods to eat in the morning.

Hello guys, you know, there are foods that are just so good to be eaten in the morning,and that's what am goanna write about today, a healthy food helps to make up a healthy life. This month endeavor to eat healthy, for a great health. Okay lets count down to the healthy foods to eat... Continue Reading →

Happy good Friday!

Hello everyone, I still exist and am sorry for not posting online since (so sorry for that), now that am around, I promise to be active as possible. Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, I hope you enjoyed that Sunday and celebrated it in a happy way? Well, for me it was a joyful day, and... Continue Reading →

How to get more Instagram followers.

Just last week, in three days i got up to 200 followers on instagram(now that's not a miracle), I used a strategy which Am goanna let you know in today's post.   Maybe you are a fashion/food blogger, or maybe you are a blogger who got pictures to share on instagram to intrigue people, but... Continue Reading →

Eating a clean diet

Eating fruits in a juice form or raw. Eating roasted corn or cooked corn. Eating cooked soy beans or drinking soy milk. Which of the above is much better and highly nutritious? if you agree on roasted corn you are on point, if you agree on soy milk you are seriously eating a clean diet... Continue Reading →

Plantain chips recipie: snacking

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello guys, I don't know whether you love plantain chips, like I do, I use it to snack. Maybe you don't know how to do it, just balance well, I'll teach you. Buy fresh ripe plantain from the grocery store/supermarket, peel it and then get a grater Use the straight... Continue Reading →

The right way to make a fruit juice.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello everyone, so today I thought to write about making juice the right way so that it will benefit the body, to me, drinking a canned fruit juice is just  like drinking up calories, cause some of them are not healthy. fruit juice and smoothies are almost the same, visit... Continue Reading →

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