Reasons why you should read more.

Reading makes a man! Hello everyone, am happy writing this to you all and it's all about reading, you know it's good to read, a reader is a leader, reading makes you more learned in almost every aspect of life(depends on what you read though), when you read you have an intellectual intercourse with the... Continue Reading →

Things that kill a blog

There are numerous things that kill a blog, what I mean is, things that make your blog dull and lowers the rate of views and visitors your blog gets.   This post was inspired by one of my readers(Jeremy) he texted me this: Why don't you write on what kills a blog, and since I... Continue Reading →

Tips for a comfortable and fun trip.

Ever had a bad trip? not good at all. A trip is meant to be enjoyed, sometimes while travelling we tend to be uncomfortable due to some things and that really makes a bad trip, so today am giving you some tips thats things to do for a successful and a comfortable trip, some of... Continue Reading →

Tips for a healthy living.

The average man seeks to be healthy and live a long life, being healthy gives room for you to enjoy your life, so today am counting down to the tips for a healthy life on today’s post. Indeed, so many things contribute to our having a healthy life so without too much ado, below are... Continue Reading →

Check out these latest cap styles

If you are a fashion freak, you must have noticed that so many styles of caps are being produced today, I must say;the fashion industry is really hitting it hard. I love wearing caps;they are important part of my clothing(since the weather is somehow)though I love em. Caps are part of clothing accessories which add... Continue Reading →

My Travel bucket list.

  Hi guys, we all love travelling I guess, travelling is one of my hobbies, travelling from one continent to another is what I look forward to doing in future, I  would love to meet people from different cultures,I love to explore(it's all about exploration), so today I thought to make a note of places... Continue Reading →

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