Categories of students in a girls dormitory/lodge.

    I was once a boarder (lived in a boarding house in school), and I met with so many categories of people in school, it was fun, check my dorm story here. So let's know the categories of students you surely find in the boarding house. The noise makers: This set of people can… Continue reading Categories of students in a girls dormitory/lodge.

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Pure facts about the Holy Bible

Do you have  a copy of the holy bible? If yes do you read it always? You know the holy bible is right about the best book you can ever read on this earth, in it lies knowledge and understanding.The Bible is the inspired word of God, it is one of the greatest gifts given… Continue reading Pure facts about the Holy Bible

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Online shopping trends.

  Hello guys, I love the fact that we can now buy stuffs online, it’s so good(all thanks to technology), with online shopping you don’t need to walk about in a shopping mall looking for something, with online shopping all you need to do is just type in your desired product in an online store… Continue reading Online shopping trends.

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Amazing facts about Nigeria.

Hello guys, am so happy to say that I am a qualified citizen of Nigeria by birth and naturalization. So today, it's all about my country. The Federal Republic of Nigeria , commonly referred to as Nigeria, is a Federal republic in West Africa, bordering Benin in the west, Chad and Cameroon in the east, and Niger in… Continue reading Amazing facts about Nigeria.

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Happy good Friday!

Hello everyone, I still exist and am sorry for not posting online since (so sorry for that), now that am around, I promise to be active as possible. Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, I hope you enjoyed that Sunday and celebrated it in a happy way? Well, for me it was a joyful day, and… Continue reading Happy good Friday!

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How to get more Instagram followers.

Just last week, in three days i got up to 200 followers on instagram(now that's not a miracle), I used a strategy which Am goanna let you know in today's post.   Maybe you are a fashion/food blogger, or maybe you are a blogger who got pictures to share on instagram to intrigue people, but… Continue reading How to get more Instagram followers.

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How do you spend your time?

Time. Hello guys, like how did you exhaust your time today, time is something you won’t get back, it passes and you don’t see it again, there is an English adage that say” time is a  commodity” Some say “time is money”  Now the question comes: how did you spend your time today? Doing useful… Continue reading How do you spend your time?