Happy blogger awards!

Hello everyone, Am so happy being a blogger and most of all, blogging in the WordPress community, so today I tagged this post Happy Blogger ! I am happy blogging. Years back ,all I wanted was to write and publish just anything but now, I have found my passion here on the WordPress platform, you know,... Continue Reading →

List of my favorite posts.

Hello guys, today I thought to promote some of my blog posts so you guys can see them, and scan through, I have been writting , so today I decided to showcase to you some of my favourite posts. Enjoy! The attitudes of a lady Meet/know the author What I eat to stay healthy. My... Continue Reading →

Things that kill a blog

There are numerous things that kill a blog, what I mean is, things that make your blog dull and lowers the rate of views and visitors your blog gets.   This post was inspired by one of my readers(Jeremy) he texted me this: Why don't you write on what kills a blog, and since I... Continue Reading →

Blogging basics 101

Hello everyone, blogging is just something else, I have been blogging for about three years now, spent some time on blogger and then the rest here on wordpress  but never hosted my site(planning to), you know when I started blogging(at 14) I did so because I wanted to write out to people, but my passion... Continue Reading →

Pure facts about the Holy Bible

Do you have  a copy of the holy bible? If yes do you read it always? You know the holy bible is right about the best book you can ever read on this earth, in it lies knowledge and understanding.The Bible is the inspired word of God, it is one of the greatest gifts given... Continue Reading →

What I eat to stay healthy.

Hello guys Yeah good morning everyone I decided to publish this post this morning(just before you go,it's monday) you know living a healthy life depends on what you eat because you are a product of what you eat, am so happy to write this today, so am goanna tell you what I eat to stay... Continue Reading →

Ways of getting blog post ideas.

        To some bloggers, the problem is getting ideas on what to write about, it happens to me sometimes, so let’s say that it’s normal. There are some blogging niches that are easy to write about, I mean you can easily get ideas, while there are some that their ideas hardly comes... Continue Reading →

A letter to new bloggers

So guys, today I just remembered when I started blogging newly, and all the experiences I had then, it prompted me to make this post. Let me start by saying this "blogging is fun"  blogging is fun and at the same time tough, there are lots of blogs out there. When I created Lifestyle exclusives  and... Continue Reading →

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