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How to get more Instagram followers.

Just last week, in three days i got up to 200 followers on instagram(now that's not a miracle), I used a strategy which Am goanna let you know in today's post.   Maybe you are a fashion/food blogger, or maybe you are a blogger who got pictures to share on instagram to intrigue people, but… Continue reading How to get more Instagram followers.

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How do you spend your time?

Time. Hello guys, like how did you exhaust your time today, time is something you won’t get back, it passes and you don’t see it again, there is an English adage that say” time is a  commodity” Some say “time is money”  Now the question comes: how did you spend your time today? Doing useful… Continue reading How do you spend your time?

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The art of photography.

We all love photography, but some of us have a passion for it(like me), photography is artistic, it is an art and the technology of producing images on photosensitive surfaces, and its digital counterpart. We bloggers need quality photos to give more light on our blog posts and expatiate more on it, a great photo… Continue reading The art of photography.

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Wearing eye glasses the right way.

Hello, eye glasses lovers like me, I guess it's our day huh? Hi there, do you wear glasses at all? They are beautiful accessories to wear/check out? I think I have gotten addicted to wearing glasses (especially the students glasses) , especially when it’s time to go into the lab for a practical, glasses helps… Continue reading Wearing eye glasses the right way.