How to get more Instagram followers.

Just last week, in three days i got up to 200 followers on instagram(now that's not a miracle), I used a strategy which Am goanna let you know in today's post.   Maybe you are a fashion/food blogger, or maybe you are a blogger who got pictures to share on instagram to intrigue people, but … Continue reading How to get more Instagram followers.


Blogging battles.

Hello bloggers, blogging is tough right? Well it becomes tougher when you are consistent, we bloggers need tons of ideas you know, and that fact makes blogging tough, for real professional bloggers: they find it to be competitive, that's when the SEO headache comes in. One thing about making a blog post is making it … Continue reading Blogging battles.

Our desires

Hello, I know you have your desires, I mean something you want and crave for, well I gat mine too, so many of them, having desires is good(oh i want this, that, that one), but ask your self this" Is it worth desiring?", sometimes we desire for something that won't add to our lives(sometimes). When … Continue reading Our desires