How to maintain your touch screen mobile phone.

Most of the smart phones in the phone stores now are touch screen mobiles, and the fact is that they are  very fragile gadgets and can damage easily, failure to maintain them costs a lot.The main area that needs your care is the touch sreen, if anything happens to its screen,the phone eventually loses its quality.

Use protection pads.

Buy phone pads and screen savers for your smart phone, this way when it mistakenly falls it won’t crack.

Avoid pressing it harshly.

Just as the name goes”touch screen” you are expected to touch and not to press, not even when you are playing candy crush and other mobile games. pressing it harshly may destroy the sensor.

Don’t wait until the battery get’s to zero% before plugging in your charger.

Always charge before the battery gets flat and don’t press your phone while charging it(saves the battery life).

Avoid direct sunlight hitting the screen.

Sunlight is a bad omen for your touch screen mobile so avoid it.

Clean dusts every now and then.

Use a soft cloth to clean dusts that may appear on your screen.



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