Ways to make your clothes last long


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Some times you buy clothes and not up to 6 months the clothes gets old or starts losing its beauty sometimes starts fading, have you ever wondered what causes that or the reasons it is so?

For a clothing to last long, it depends on the way the clothing is being taken care of, when you take good care of your clothes it makes them last long, some clothes are not supposed to be washed with bleach, some are not supposed to be soaked for days, some are not supposed to be washed with starch, some are not supposed to be washed with hot water, there are so many clothing  materials from which clothes are sown, we have the chiffon material, calico, cotton, silk, rayon, taffeta, satin, lace, polyester materials, combat materials and so on, all these materials of clothing has different ways of caring for them.

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However there are general ways to care for  a clothing, it all depends on you.Laundry, Dry, Dry Laundry, Clothing


  • Clothes are supposed to be washed when they are dirty: when you pack/heap up dirty clothes, some stains may be difficult to be removed their by obstructing the beauty of that clothing.
  • Clothes are not supposed to be soaked for more than a day: when clothes are soaked for days the dirt which is expected to wash off the cloth will possibly change the color of the cloth depending on the amount of dirt, meanwhile, when clothes are soaked for long, they actually loose their quality.
  • Some clothes have the ability to wash off their dyes when washed with bleach, so they don’t have to be washed with bleach; such is a property of low quality clothing.
  • Some clothes burn easily: I mean, when clothes are ironed with a very hot iron, there is every tendency that the cloth will burn, but take note, not all clothing materials do so, cotton, rayon and silk materials are known for this.

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  • Too much usage of clothes makes it to loose its quality easily: when clothes are worn always, they will be washed and ironed always, these enhancing ageing in clothes.
  • Being careless with clothes can shorten its life span: This is how you are being careless with your clothes; failure to arrange your clothes in a hanger/ pack it well, loiteringyour clothes in your room.
  • Clothes Hangers, Coat Hangers
    Learn to always hang your clothes, not always packed in a bag

    It’s good to take good care of a clothing.







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