Ways of getting blog post ideas.


To some of us bloggers, the problem is getting ideas on what to write about, it happens to me sometimes, so let’s say that it’s normal. There are some blogging niches that are easy to write about, I mean you can easily get ideas, while there are some that their ideas hardly comes by. Ideas come and go, that’s why you should always go with a pen , should incase an idea come by, write it down so that you won’t forget, sometimes I get ideas the while taking a walk, or by browsing about latest trends.


One thing to put in place while writing a blog post, is to write about what you know, so when an idea comes to your mind and it happens that you don’t know much about it, I’ll advice you to do either of these  things: Do some research about that topic but don’t copy,  or leave it.


There are many niches out there, ones like: health, lifestyle, food, entertainment, science, interior, fashion, school, tech and the rest of them. I developed a strategy  for getting ideas in the above listed niches , that’s why you should choose your blogging niche carefully(go for the ones you can handle perfectly) lets countdown.

Diet, Calorie Counter, Weight Loss

Health/fitness: Health covers some subtopics like: diseases, healthy living tips, exercise. Get one and write about, you may write about a disease that has gone viral, you may write about drugs, you may write about having a nice day or things that improves ones day. You can also get ideas from your environment. Maybe writing about fat people and their lifestyle.

Model, Fashion, Glamour, Girl, Female

Fashion/beauty: I think you don’t need to think about what to write about here, why? Because you will not tell me that you have reviewed all the latest beauty products. You can also write on latest styles of clothing and accessories, taking care of clothes (the wrong/right way). Color combination guides, how to match clothes with bags and other fashion hacks.take pictures.

 Girl, Camera, Old, Retro, Holds, Travel

Entertainment: This niche is a very busy kind. Every day I think funny things happen, new song are produced, new films are being released, you can write reviews on latest movies/songs, you can share about Celebs, and other news.

Ipad, Samsung, Music, Play, Google

Tech: Here, it’s more of reviewing latest gadgets/mobiles, making post about how to maintain a gadget, answering question from people concerning a named gadget, writing about social networks, programming, coding and the rest of it.

Dna, Double Helix, Model, Minor Groove

Science: You can tell us about new scientific discoveries, latest scientific devices and how to use them, tell us about chemicals and drugs, elements, and educate students on scientific facts.

Food, Salmon, Seeded Mustard, Dinner

Food: You cook everyday right? Why not write and tell us what you cooked and how you cooked it, you can also write about kitchen hygiene and utensils, how to preserve food to prevent spoilage, eating right, eating habits and table etiquettes.


Lifestyle: It explains itself. Here it’s all about lifestyle, what you do, how you do it, problems and solutions-cum-all the how to’s .

If you blog about all of the above then you got to write more, get ideas everywhere you go.





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