Tips for growing a virgin hair.

  I think that’s the trend right now (especially in Nigeria), everyone wants to grow a virgin hair and some people are even cutting their hair so as to grow the virgin hair (am already on it). A virgin hair is a hair that has not been relaxed, stretched or treated with any inorganic product,... Continue Reading →

Tips for a healthy living.

The average man seeks to be healthy and live a long life, being healthy gives room for you to enjoy your life, so today am counting down to the tips for a healthy life on today’s post. Indeed, so many things contribute to our having a healthy life so without too much ado, below are... Continue Reading →

Online shopping trends.

  Hello guys, I love the fact that we can now buy stuffs online, it’s so good(all thanks to technology), with online shopping you don’t need to walk about in a shopping mall looking for something, with online shopping all you need to do is just type in your desired product in an online store... Continue Reading →

Kitchen hygiene practices

When was the last time you scrubed your cooking area? kitchen is to food...right? Now hygiene are those conditions and practices that promote and preserve health. In terms of food,it is cleanliness in context of food.   When the cooking area or the kitchen is not neat food hygiene is not practiced. whether you are using a... Continue Reading →

Habits of neat people.

For how long have you been using your bath towel? How many days do you wear your underwear before changing it?   The act of being neat is formed by practice which then makes it a habit, some people are known and are liked because of their level of neatness, mere looking at you one... Continue Reading →

How to keep a neat home

  When was the last time you cleaned your windows and curtains?   When your home is dirty and lacks cleaning, some insects and pest may find it comfortable to live in. There are some important areas of a home which deserves maximum care and tidiness, areas like kitchen, toilet and bathroom.   Unfortunately some... Continue Reading →

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