Tips for growing a virgin hair.

  I think that’s the trend right now (especially in Nigeria), everyone wants to grow a virgin hair and some people are even cutting their hair so as to grow the virgin hair (am already on it). A virgin hair is a hair that has not been relaxed, stretched or treated with any inorganic product,... Continue Reading →

List of my favorite posts.

Hello guys, today I thought to promote some of my blog posts so you guys can see them, and scan through, I have been writting , so today I decided to showcase to you some of my favourite posts. Enjoy! The attitudes of a lady Meet/know the author What I eat to stay healthy. My... Continue Reading →

Tips for a healthy living.

The average man seeks to be healthy and live a long life, being healthy gives room for you to enjoy your life, so today am counting down to the tips for a healthy life on today’s post. Indeed, so many things contribute to our having a healthy life so without too much ado, below are... Continue Reading →

What I eat to stay healthy.

Hello guys Yeah good morning everyone I decided to publish this post this morning(just before you go,it's monday) you know living a healthy life depends on what you eat because you are a product of what you eat, am so happy to write this today, so am goanna tell you what I eat to stay... Continue Reading →

Best foods to eat in the morning.

Hello guys, you know, there are foods that are just so good to be eaten in the morning,and that's what am goanna write about today, a healthy food helps to make up a healthy life. This month endeavor to eat healthy, for a great health. Okay lets count down to the healthy foods to eat... Continue Reading →

How I make my vaseline.

During the winter season, that's when I normally use vaseline because of its great importance to me, vasline is a gel like body lotion, I use it during winters because it protects me from the harsh weather now here's how i make it.   Ingredients: Petroleum jelly paraffin oil Candle wax Pears perfume(or any other... Continue Reading →

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