Exercises to lose belly fat

      I guess you are motivated and determined to burn off that belly fat, well it doesn’t just happen like a miracle, it is journey of patience. You don’t just start seeing the results immediately it might take up to six months, but this is what you will do, take measurements using a... Continue Reading →

Facts about getting fat.

  Hello guys, I thought to write this post to alert you on the facts about getting fat(not good at all), so that if you are trying to get fat by eating way too much, you will  consider and reconsider. There four types of body size, you are either slim, thick, fat or big.  ... Continue Reading →

Our desires

Hello, I know you have your desires, I mean something you want and crave for, well I gat mine too, so many of them, having desires is good(oh i want this, that, that one), but ask your self  this" Is it worth desiring?", sometimes we desire for something that won't add to our lives(sometimes). When... Continue Reading →

How I trimmed my eating habits.

    In recent times, I ate things just the way I wanted, wasn’t controlling what I eat, and you know that’s  not good for my health, my favorite food then was  a junk, I wasn’t really eating natural, and at that time I was eating more of carbohydrates  because most of the dishes I... Continue Reading →

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