Happy blogger awards!

Hello everyone, Am so happy being a blogger and most of all, blogging in the WordPress community, so today I tagged this post Happy Blogger ! I am happy blogging. Years back ,all I wanted was to write and publish just anything but now, I have found my passion here on the WordPress platform, you know,... Continue Reading →

List of my favorite posts.

Hello guys, today I thought to promote some of my blog posts so you guys can see them, and scan through, I have been writting , so today I decided to showcase to you some of my favourite posts. Enjoy! The attitudes of a lady Meet/know the author What I eat to stay healthy. My... Continue Reading →

Reasons why you should read more.

Reading makes a man! Hello everyone, am happy writing this to you all and it's all about reading, you know it's good to read, a reader is a leader, reading makes you more learned in almost every aspect of life(depends on what you read though), when you read you have an intellectual intercourse with the... Continue Reading →

Tips for a comfortable and fun trip.

Ever had a bad trip? not good at all. A trip is meant to be enjoyed, sometimes while travelling we tend to be uncomfortable due to some things and that really makes a bad trip, so today am giving you some tips thats things to do for a successful and a comfortable trip, some of... Continue Reading →

My Travel bucket list.

  Hi guys, we all love travelling I guess, travelling is one of my hobbies, travelling from one continent to another is what I look forward to doing in future, I  would love to meet people from different cultures,I love to explore(it's all about exploration), so today I thought to make a note of places... Continue Reading →

New month vibes.

  Hy peeps, am so happy to be alive today in the land of the living, come on we just stepped into the month of june(mid month). You  know, a new month comes with great vibes. It's just good to set goals which we want to achieve by the end of a month, so today... Continue Reading →

Happy sunday!

Follow my blog with Bloglovin What's up guys, am so happy today(sunday is always a happy day for me), thank God for telling us to rest on sundays(great), I had a nice day today, what about you? Okay let's Jamboree!

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