This is what it’s like being a boss babe.

  Boss babes are rear breeds Yo! They are the alpha ladies, focused women who want to get things out of life; I crush on that attitude so much. Boss babes got a lifestyle and such is so intriguing, and they don’t take shit! like a boss. They are highly hardworking The hardworking spirit is inborn, they are natural-born providers, they don’t seek to be … Continue reading This is what it’s like being a boss babe.

lifestyle Exclusives is one!!!

Cheers to Lifestyle Exclusives!!!     Hello everyone, and today’s post is one of the specials from lifestyle exclusives, earlier this morning I got a notification from the WordPress team congratulating us (Lifestyle Exclusives) for one year blogging success, oh yes it’s indeed a success because for the first time in three years am celebrating my first successful blog ever (cheers to that) after the … Continue reading lifestyle Exclusives is one!!!

Slowly rounding up the year!

Cheers to 2017!! one month and two days to go. Yay!!  So  far so good, am so ready to bid good-bye to 2017, 2017 was just great like I can’t express my happiness in full.  I just checked on my new year resolutions for 2017 and happily I fulfilled some and some were wanting (I shall see for them). Blogging this year was so fun … Continue reading Slowly rounding up the year!

Reasons why you should start travelling.

Because adventure is worthwhile!! Travel is either a daring adventure or nothing at all says Hellen Keller, it’s too short not to explore! Hello guys, been a while, am back I promise. Had travelling in mind and am telling you, travelling is fun because life is not meant to be lived in a place, it’s not interesting to dwell in a place for so long. … Continue reading Reasons why you should start travelling.