How to mind your business and earn respect.

The main reason why people gossip is because they can’t mind their business

Have you ever been embarrassed with the word “mind your business!”

Was that funny at all?

No I guess.

Then learn to mind your business!

It’s all about meddling with things concerning you without being heartless and giving others privacy in their lives.

You may have noticed that some people you’ve come across don’t like to talk about their lives and like to keep things casual.

If it doesn’t concern you then don’t bother asking, wait until you’re invited into the thing in question, this way you have your respect intact.

Minding your business also involves not talking about others. I mean, what do you gain by making someone’s life the centre of your gist?

So avoid gossiping by minding your business, yes we know she can’t cook, shut up your mouth and face your life. And let me remind you, gossiping is a sin.

In fact, when you mind your business, some troubles readily fly over you, because you choose to look rather than lean on the matter.

So could you start minding your business from this moment? Tell me your thoughts cause I’m trying to mind my business here.

Until next time…….💕



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