Best pressing iron brand in Nigeria.


Yes! This brand is right about the best in the production of quality electric dry Iron. I bought this pressing iron last year after hunting for an original Phillips pressing iron.

As a fashion designer, I’m always pressing and ironing, was having a hard time with my other pressing Iron, so I went to buy a pressing iron, the seller told me the prices and why Binatone was the best for my job. So I picked it because of the warranty period( so I could return it if I noticed some faults)

Well, I was surprised at the quality!

Binatone pressing iron features.

  • Binatone pressing Iron is a nonstick pressing iron, it doesn’t burn cloth easily, yes I noticed this with a very light cloth material.
  • It has a quality wired plug
  • It is packaged with a free pressing cloth, you’ll just place it on top of your clothe and start ironing. It helps in two ways: It can either prevent cloth burning or shiny lines on cloths(especially white/black materials)
  • It has a well-functioning thermostat (to regulate the heat)
  • It is light( not heavy like some pressing Irons)
  • Very easy to work with.

Press as you go ain’t possible without a quality Iron.

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