That’s the fear of not being near your phone for some time, which some of us are unconsciously suffering from.

Our present world is filled with so many average products and services, and that makes us believe that we are being offered the best not knowing that the extra ordinary is being denied from us. Why go for ordinary when you can get extra ordinary? Average lacks so many ingredients, there’s a void in your soul waiting to be filled. So let’s wear off the mentality of utilizing average and go for quality!

It’s a huge disadvantage of advancement in technology, when someone cannot go for eight hours without checking up his/her mobile phone(sometimes for no reason) then that’s becoming an addiction.

And that’s mainly due to the advancement in social media sites and the whole Internet.

Because there’s this anxiety to pick the phone “how many likes am I getting already!”

So the other time, I went on a social media break, and at the end, I got so many good results, so try getting your phone out of your head.

Try a social media detox!


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