Why should you be the one to always initiate contact with friends first?

If you don’t call them first, they won’t call you either, if you don’t text them first then a conversation never starts, you’re always the one to initiate contact, is that what friendship is all about?

I believe you may have been in this situation before or are in it but I want to tell you something, the world is full of nice friends waiting to know you, cheer up!

People don’t always care, don’t even believe they do, that’s why you should learn to be happy with your life and continue meeting new people. I’m not against socializing if it’s not tiring though.

But some friends are just so lazy to work out friendships and that may be one reason you’re not hearing from them.

Some are just tired of being friends with you, maybe because you’re boring(or introverted) in this case look for your match..

Or they may be angry with you, jealous of you or they may be feeling irritated by your action, try to find out what’s the cause of the snub.

You know, people only reach out to you if they have you at heart, but in a situation where you feel like it’s hard to be friends with someone, what do you do?

Move on with your life

Continue being happy, go out there, do interesting things and find people who will see you as an interesting person.

Find new hobbies

Travel, go for adventures, learn new things, join educative teams, and enjoy your life.


Upgrade your lifestyle, invest in new things, read books, change the way you talk/react, work on your weaknesses.

Don’t worry

You’ll be just fine on your own, don’t rely on anyone for your joy!

And life gets better that way trust me💕💕


7 thoughts on “Why should you be the one to always initiate contact with friends first?

  1. simplenaijagirl says:

    Hmmm I may have a different perspective to this. I’d keep reaching out, as long as they are being responsive. I don’t even care to keep track of who’s reaching out first… you just never know what others are going through.

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  2. Oluchi says:

    I’m not sure I agree a 100%. True, the person who wants you in their life will find time for you no matter how busy they are.

    But I believe there are people that can be exempted. You initiate the calls or the texts ever so often and it seems like they don’t care to reciprocate or they kind of don’t want you in their lives. If that person really means much to you, no need thinking too much about their lack of contact. When they pop in your head, say hi all the same. I’ve realized life is too short to keep tabs on stuff like this.

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