Fastest ways to make friends.


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To some set of people, making friends is not that easy especially in the case of introverts, but coming out of our cocoons is quite a great step to achieving more in life. Seriously making friends is one of the things that makes life fun, a saying goes” no man is an island” we cannot survive alone and that’s why we hang out and socialize with people below and above our class. Friends are people we share our lives with and they can make things easier.  Personally I love making friends and I will list the fastest ways to make friends below:

Be interesting

It’s simple, if you do interesting things, you will find interesting people who will find you interesting, you don’t have to over do it, just be yourself, and be right social, when you are in a group of people smile and make others around you feel comfortable and happy, you want to say something? Don’t be afraid say it out loud and don’t shy away from the crowd.

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Talk to everyone, be happy with who you are

Just be real, be the you people are seeing, don’t fake things, remember that people like and hate you as result of what they see you act out, so embrace your personality, talk to everyone you want to talk to, for the first time say hi to faces you’ve never seen before, compliment people, in class be that fun chick everyone loves being around. Don’t move straight-faced, no one loves hanging out with an emotionally sick person, so keep it light dear, and you will be in friends.

Participate in social events

Yo! Hang out with friends and get to know more people, solitude is never a great option if you want to reach out to people, you must be seen outside, be very active, and don’t be inert on a social setting. There’s an upcoming movie premier? Get tickets and attend, you are also having fun all the way!

Work on your self

Sometimes you just need to develop in some areas of your life, so people can accept you and want to hang out with you, work on your attitude, the way you treat people and think out the reasons why you don’t have much friends as you wish and sort things out, maybe they think you are not that hygienic or that classy, just upgrade in every aspect of life friend, and we will become friends too.

In a nutshell, just Do Right And Kill Everything, friends will be there, close friends will be up and best friends you will eventually find, fake friends won’t last long on your circle, that’s life.

Until next time…….

Lillian cares!



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