Cool things to do on your single days

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Never bad being a single and you are single for a reason, so the fun starts when you embrace that fact and move on! At least you go to bed knowing that no one is cheating on you (believe me it’s a great feeling) and also that no one can walk over your heart too (isn’t that loving?), sometimes it’s just good to be single seriously, it exposes you to so much opportunities and you also see what comes with life, not excluded; truck loads of fun! So you need to be happy at this point in your life and that’s why am walking you down to the cool things you should really do on your single days.

Meet different people

Now that you are alone, you need to reach out to the world around you, so meet different people and create stories through your experience, solitude is not the best option at the moment, reach out and hangout with fellow singles and have fun. The people you acquaint with today can be of help tomorrow.

See different places

Who knows, but this is the best time to go see the world, travel as far as you can and as long as you can, you will have stories and experiences to share on the long run.

Work on yourself

Develop in all ways! I would say ”upgrade” learn new hobbies, learn new things, read books, get more knowledge, if you’re the working class single, put all your energy into your work, set goals and achieve them, work on your attitudes, and things get better! Take God serious and success you shall see.

Do your hobbies with like minds

Hang out with people who share the same interest with you and have fun, nice way to be cool.

Remember family

Try to reach out to every member of your family, they are people who always got your back, so reaching out and mingling with them every once in a while would really do you good.

And right there, the single days won’t last long, that’s why you gat to enjoy them, they are your free times. Yo! Happy single days….

Until next time…..



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