Tips for a comfortable and fun trip.

Ever had a bad trip? not good at all.

A trip is meant to be enjoyed, sometimes while travelling we tend to be uncomfortable due to some things and that really makes a bad trip, so today am giving you some tips thats things to do for a successful and a comfortable trip, some of the tips came from my experiences travelling so far, so let’s proceed,

Wear comfortable clothes

You know you are goanna sit all the way during your trip so it’s just good for you to wear a clothing that you are comfortable in and also avoid wearing high heels(like too high 4-6 inch) while travelling, it really disturbs the legs and gets your leg  buring up by the time you get to your destination(if you’ve experienced that shout me loud!) so settle in a comfortable pair of shoes.

Eat before you start your journey

Very important! Or you can take your food with you if you are not that hungry before you proceed, specifically I wouldn’t love to be disturbed by hunger whilst on a journey so I try to eat, yeah some options are available; you can eat on the way(but what if you aren’t comfortable or like the food), and avoid any food that will gives you a running stomach.

Make yourself comfortable.

Feel at home, whenever am packing for a travel I keep my phone/earpiece aside because I really use them to listen to some cool music whilst travelling, so it’s just a good way to keep your self cool and before you know what’s up you are already at your destination.

Join in a conversation with fellow passengers.

Helps though, when you discuss with people you are on a journey with(like when someone strikes up a converstion and everyone joins), it is a agreat way to know the people you are with, what they think and you can learn a lot from them, just take it cool.

So it’s four tips you get to get from me today, I wish you a nice and successful journey ahead, until next time, I hope this post helps you but tell me what you think and add more tips.

Speedy{happy me}




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