Best things to do in this new month(my bucket list)

Hello guys and a happy new month to you dearie!

July has come and gone, it was a nice month thank God for July and all the good things it brought and left behind while going. Welcome to the month of August and as you all know, in a new month it is always good to set goals to achieve by the end of the month,actually August is a vacational month for students,so we get less busy but I want to get really busy this month, so walk with me down my bucket list.

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Make more clothes

Seriously this month, am goanna get more serious with my sewing career, make new designs, attempt new designs and learn more.

Get back to programming

Since am done with exams, I would really love to get back to programming, like I stopped for a while, I would rush back to it this month, let’s see what I can do this month.


This month is a vacation month, so travelling for a few days wouldn’t be bad, I would really love to do that.

Drink coffee!

One would really ask if drinking coffee is a goal, well I meant going out with friends and wasting coffee lol.

Get busy

Seriously all that I have written above are meant to keep me really busy this month, now it’s a challenge let’s see how I get to achieve them.

I wish you luck this month and lot’s of greats vibes!

Until next time………

Speedy (happy new month)




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