Tips for growing a virgin hair.


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I think that’s the trend right now (especially in Nigeria), everyone wants to grow a virgin hair and some people are even cutting their hair so as to grow the virgin hair (am already on it). A virgin hair is a hair that has not been relaxed, stretched or treated with any inorganic product, it is the God-given natural hair.

Growing a virgin hair is one of the best things because it is easy to do, just that you have to avoid some practices that you used to grow your hair years ago, but you must bear this in mind, a virgin hair is not easy to comb, you will need a set of combs that will suit it, so assuming you want to start things afresh or you want to grow a virgin hair, I’ll list the tips (the ones that I know and use) happy learning!

To grow a virgin hair, you have to nurture your hair so that the God-given hair will be produced; hair nurturing includes using organic products to grow the hair such like coconut oil, egg whites, aloe Vera, honey, onion juices to stop breakages.


Don’t wash or shampoo everyday

The hair produces natural oil which aids in the growth of the hair, so if you wash your hair always you will be getting rid of the essential oil. you can shampoo once or twice in a week but not everyday.(was once guilty of this act)

Don’t use heated hair care devices on your hair.

The disadvantage here is that it gives your hair a fried look and affects the hair texture, and aslo causes hair breakage to occur.

Don’t expose your hair to sunlight.

It causes some damage to the hair and affects its colour.

Allow moisture in your hair.

For a while sprinkle water on your hair, makes it to be soft and also makes it easy to comb.

Massage your hair everyday.

Hair massage helps the hair to grow and also makes the scalp free from some foreign bodies, you can massage hair with oil or any other product.

Eat a healthy diet.

Eat a healthy diet, make sure to include proteins in your daily diet, it helps in the hair growth because it is responsible for hair production, go for foods rich in Vitamins, minerals, magnesium,Iron and zinc.

Use an egg mask regimen.

Eggs are good sources of proteins, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium so whipping up some eggs for your hair is just can do it twice or once in a month.

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Whisk two eggs and mix it with four tablespoons of olive oil, then apply to hair and leave it for 30-60 minutes then wash it off and then shampoo your hair. You can also substitute the olive oil with almond,sunflower seed or castor oils.

By the time you must have practised the above tips constantly for two months, you will be happy with the results.

Until next time……..

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