Basic sewing terms and their meanings.

Hello everyone,

Taking things back to sewing and today it’s all about sewing terms and their meanings.It’s always important that you know the meaning of these terms because you will encounter them as you go deeper in sewing, especially if you are learning sewing online. so without further ado let’s get into business.



The selvedge of a fabric is the edge of the fabric that is self finished by the manufactures, sometimes the name of the manufactures are printed on it.


hem line


Hem is the part of a fabric you fold and stitch under when you are finishing your work. it can be made bold or normal depending on your pattern and personal preference.


An applique is anything or material or design you sew on top of a fabric maybe to make a design.

3 Hearts Applique -- 4x4, 5x7, 6x10 Planet Applique -- Own it!


A baste is a kind of  temporary stitch you make to hold two or a part of a  fabric together, it can be further removed using a seam ripper.

Stitches and seams

stitches are loops of threads that are created by a needle passing through a fabric, a seam is a straight line of stitch that is used to join fabrics together.











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