How to maintain a steady workout routine.


Hello everyone, maintaining a steady workout routine is one of the things some of us find hard to do, that’s why sometimes we do it once in a week or twice.Working out is one of the best things you can do for your body, when I started working out, it was hard to maintain doing  it regulary but what I learnt there was that; your determination to achieve your goal pushes you to workout more.Working out is more fun when you do it at the gym.

Set a goal


We all have our reasons/goals  for working out, to lose weight, to tone up, to look fresh, to be healthy, to get off some things and the rest reasons, you know yours. So set a goal and when the goal is set, your determination will make you to work towards that set goal.

Enjoy working out

Be happy while working out, go for exercises that you love and enjoy doing and slowly you get to try out the hard ones. check out my post on gym essentials to see the things you need to have in your gym bag.

Workout with friends

And you know what, when you’re working out with a group of  your friends, you get motivated, and when they knock at your door saying “it’s workout time!”  you will have the morale to join them and through this you will achieve a lot.

Set reminders 

Set reminders in your phone based on the days you carved out to be working out, do this so that you won’t forget to workout.

I just hope that the above written tips helps you to work out regulary, and you won’t fail on this,I would really love to know how it works for you.

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