How to make your sewing look professional.

Hello everyone, the other day, I made a post about some basic sewing equipments and today let’s know the things that are goanna help make our sewing look professional although it is home-made. You know the feeling you get when you sew and it’s neat and almost looks like the ones you get right from the boutique (feels good) wearing it and everyone thinks you bought it.

So many things contribute in giving your clothe a professional look and I think the driving factor here is your equipments and your skills. To give your sewing a professional look. Do the following:

Take accurate measurements.

Don’t always guess, sometimes it’s good to measure and do it accurately; accurate measurement makes your work to be neat and straight with sides equal.(your tape measure and ruler will aid you with it)

Use matching thread colors

The color of your thread should match with the color of your fabric (gives it a professional look) it’s too poor to see the color of the thread you used to sew easily with exception to jeans which is often sewn with a bright color.

Make sure that sleeves are equal in length

You get so many stares rather than compliments when one of your cloth’s sleeves is 1 Inch shorter/longer than the other, that’s the more reason you should be taking accurate measurements.

Make neat hems and waist bands.

Make sure that your hem seam is in a straight line and make a bold hem (shows that you have enough fabric)it makes your design look professional. And always make straight waist bands; avoid ripples forming on the bands you make.

Press as you go

That’s a short way of telling you to iron/press your work as you make it, e.g. Press your hem to keep it in the right position before you sew, press press and press on, at the end you will have a nice neat work.

Make your work neat inside out.

The inside should be just as good as the outside (that’s the skill in it)

Make neat button-holes

You can get help in this using the button-hole scissors.

Sew in  zippers the right way

You know zippers are easily seen, so it needs to be put in a right way especially the invisible zippers.learn how to install a zipper

Finish raw edges on your fabric.

Make sure to finish the raw edges  on your fabric especially on fabrics that do fray easily.

And  a professional look you will get by the time you put into practice all of the above written. I wish you good luck on your sewing project!

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  1. [ Smiles ] What about a person actually taking a course on sewing? Wouldn’t that contribute to professional-looking clothing?

    Well, of course, the answer is, “Yes!”

    Do have yourself a wonderful weekend.

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