Basic sewing equipments.

Hello everyone happy new month!

Welcome to the month of July, I hope last month(June) was a nice month for you, mine went well I accomplished a lot last  month what of you?

So this month am kicking off with introduction to sewing, lately I started a sewing class and am happy it’s going well with me and I would love to share with y’all.sewing with the right equipments gives you a desired end and makes your work neat.

Sewing is all about cutting a piece of clothing and join it together  to make a fitted clothe, sewing is fun and saves you a lot of money(sewing for yourself and not always shopping for clothes) while it gives you a lot of money(that’s the love in fashion).

Sewing, Crafts, Fashion, Seam



so to start sewing you will need some equipments but I will really say that you need knowledge of how to use a sewing machine(that’s the first among the list) so to sew you will need the following equipments.

Tape measure

Tape Measure, Measure, Meter, Length

That’s for taking body measurements


Sewing, Line, Scissors, Needle, Tissue

Comes in many types though(zig zag,trimming, button-hole, embroidery etc) it is used for cutting a fabric and making finishes on a fabric.

Hand needles and pins

Sewing, Thimble, Pins, Safety Pins

The pins are for holding a fabric while sewing  and cutting(you will find it very useful) and the needles are for making temporal stitches on a fabric and tacking.Safety pins are also important too(that’s the cylindrical one in the picture above)

Pin cushion

Pincushion, Tomato, Needles, Sewing, Sew


Simply for holding your pins straight to prevent injuring yourself or losing your pins, you can even use a magnet to do so.

Sewing thread

Bobbin, Thread, Sewing, Textile, Spool

For sewing a cloth, remember to use matching colours while sewing(to get a professional look)

Dress makers ruler

Ruler, Compass, Tools, Working, Desk

Aids in taking straight measurements and drawing straight lines.

Seam ripper

Sewing, Unpicking, Stitching, Sew

Designed for ripping of  a seam.

Marking tools

Comprises of tailors chalk, pencils, ink and tracing wheel,  they are used for marking a fabric.


Couture, Sewing, Thimble, Wire, Scissors

For protecting the hand while using a needle.

The above are important sewing tools, others follow and that’s all about sewing tools, while you buy; get high quality so that it lasts for you.

Until next time(Some sewing terms)

May your bobbins always be full






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