Reasons why you should read more.

Reading makes a man!

Hello everyone, am happy writing this to you all and it’s all about reading, you know it’s good to read, a reader is a leader, reading makes you more learned in almost every aspect of life(depends on what you read though), when you read you have an intellectual intercourse with the author and you assimilate the authors ideas making you learn a lot more.

Reading is a life!

Read in order to live. When you read you start getting ideas on some certain things and note that ideas don’t come out fully formed;they only become clear as you work on them, when you develop the  habit of reading always you will surely be succesful in life, okay how many books from great and succesful authors have you read?

Read on!

As a student read on to be successful in your area of studies, read beyond your certificate. As a worker read to be more advanced in your area of work(enjoy reading) study to show yourself approved, a workman that needed not to be ashamed. one thing about reading is that in makes you free, takes you places, makes you advanced and makes you successful in life.

Read more blog more!

As a blogger, the more you read, the more you get more blogging ideas and you develop in your area of blogging, bloggers are always advised to blog on a topic they know very well, so reading makes you achieve that.

challenge: Read a full book and state what you learnt from it and read more!

until next time…

Speedy(read more!)


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