Things that kill a blog

There are numerous things that kill a blog, what I mean is, things that make your blog dull and lowers the rate of views and visitors your blog gets.


This post was inspired by one of my readers(Jeremy) he texted me this: Why don’t you write on what kills a blog, and since I love writing about blogging I finally made up this post. Thanks Jeremy for the inspiration.

Like I said before there are things that you do on your blog that’s killing it and making  it dull, note that it’s all about your visitors and your blog performance. they are stated below.

Poor Blog design

When your blog is not designed in a simple but professional way, you may lose some of your visitors thereby increasing your blog’s bounce rate. So to avoid this, make your blog design to be standard(you can do it or higher a web designer), get knowledge on how colours match with each other and use nice fonts.

Cluttered sidebar/layout

You make your sidebar to be filled with so many widgets(necessary/unneccessary) you kill your blog, it’s not just good that a visitor stumbles upon your site and can’t understand the information you are trying to give out due to untidy sidebars cluttered with lots of widgets, Sometimes such sites are difficult to navigate, so to avoid this;add only the important widgets your blog needs and that’s all.

Poor information structure.

Okay, here it is all about the way you package your information(blog posts) because it’s the most important part of your blog, poor grammar and writing especially in the TITLE area is not good at all. so to avoid this develop your writting and grammatical skills.

Absence on social media.

The social media is a great medium for blog publicity and post sharing, It is a great platform to share your posts and get more blog visitors, when you are not active on social media your blog in turn gets hurt. The leading social media are Facebook and Twitter others follow, so share and  learn.

 Not engaging with readers through comments.

We notice that some bloggers don’t reply comments while some are eager to get comments on their blogs, the former kills a blog because as a blogger you need to know what your readers think  about your piece through comments and some readers often ask questions for clarity so don’t deny them that, I frown at comments not replied on a  post(feels odd) and it really chases visitors like me away from your blog.


That’s the act of copying and pasting other bloggers write ups and it hurts more when you don’t give credits to them, it’s better to write in your own words and understanding, that’s what I call keeping it real.

Inconsistency in blogging

Like you update your blog once in three weeks or rather two times in a month, that’s a quick way to kill your blog, the more you update your blog the more your site get’s indexed by search engines, the more traffic you direct to your site keeping it alive.

So the above stated are the main things that kills a blog, okay don’t allow any of them to get to your blog, I wish you success in blogging as always.Until next time.

Speedy (always be cool)




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