Important things to do before hitting the publish Icon.

Hey peeps just before you hit the publish Icon on your next blog post, I thought to notify you on the things you are to do before releasing your next post. You know some times we are just in a hurry to release a wonderful blog post and most of the times while doing that we forget some things, anyways by the end of this post you will know the important things to do before hitting the publish button.


The time for proof reading is a great time for corrections, it is very important because this saves you from showing out some errors(typographical and grammatical) and also gives you the chance to make some changes in your post and add new ideas.

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Link to old posts

It is very important to link to old posts in a new blog post;this helps to generate more views for your old post thereby giving it life again.

Set your post category/tags

It is important to set your new post’s category and add a tag to it because it helps your readers or new site visitors to navigate your site easily and get the right information.

Add a picture

If you have noticed, I love using pictures in my blog posts(but not always though) it is nice to add up a  picture to your blog posts(creates more understanding of what you are talking about in your post).

Fill your meta data and write a post expert.

Basically, this is important for search engines, and helps to boost your post’s ranking on google searches.

So guys, above are my recommenations and I think they are very important, to understand blogging more see my post titled Blogging basics 101.

Until next time.

Speedy(sleepy me)




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