Tips for a healthy living.


The average man seeks to be healthy and live a long life, being healthy gives room for you to enjoy your life, so today am counting down to the tips for a healthy life on today’s post. Indeed, so many things contribute to our having a healthy life so without too much ado, below are the tips for a healthy life.


Running, Runner, Long Distance, Fitness

Exercise is an important factor here, exercise keeps your body fit and sound by burning off some unwanted fat in your body like the visceral fat, it makes your body system to function very well thereby helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Healthy food

 Vegetables, Vegetable Basket, Harvest

“attack your nutrition” you are what you eat, if your meal is based on junks and other fast foods you are on the wrong diet which on the long run comes with so many side effects to your health, eat lots of veggies and whole grains with fruits(they benefit a lot). Some of these packaged foods are packed with additives and preservatives which are not healthy.

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 Baby, Girl, Sleep, Child, Toddler

Having a good and nice sleep like for 6-8 hours is good for your health, because the body needs rest especially the brain which works almost on every minute, when you sleep your body rests and you wake up to a  strong you.

Right cosmetics

 Cosmetics, Make Up, Makeup, Beauty, Color, Powder

Use the right cosmetics for your body; don’t always apply perfumes directly on your skin to avoid some chemical reactions.

Always be happy

 Pretty, Girls, Happy, Young, Smiling

Always do things that will make you happy (includes all your hobbies), don’t give room for worries.

Maintain a good hygiene

 Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Dental Care

When you keep your body and your environment clean and sparkling neat microorganisms can’t invade and attack your health, so maintain a good hygiene, take you bath for at least twice a day, cut your fingernails and toe nails when due, take care of your hair to prevent the invasion of lice, use a good hair and body cream(according to your skin tone) wear nice and clean clothes(easy right?)

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And that’s the secrets to a healthy living, do them all and be sure to live a healthy life by the grace of God, until next time guys.

Always be in animal spirits


Blinks(healthy me) xx


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