Check out these latest cap styles

If you are a fashion freak, you must have noticed that so many styles of caps are being produced today, I must say;the fashion industry is really hitting it hard. I love wearing caps;they are important part of my clothing(since the weather is somehow)though I love em.

Caps are part of clothing accessories which add beauty to clothing, there are many shapes and forms of caps, I personally love wearing caps but the fact is that not all dresses match with caps, lets countdown immediately to the shapes and types of caps.


Hats, Fedora, Hat Manufacture, Stack

The fedora is a felt hat with a fairly low, creased crown with a brim that can be turned up or down. The fedora adds height to the wearer therefore it suits shorter guys, a hat like fedora won’t match with jeans, it can match casually with a crew neck T-shirt tucked into a tailored trouser.



Girl, Hat, Toque, Beanie, Winter, Snow

The beanie is a woven cap, the beanie is a cap that fits the head closely, usually knitted from wool, it is thick and is usually worn against cold, and the beanie was preserved for ski season in time past.

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Baseball cap

Pokemon, Hat, Go, Pokemon Go, Baseball

Baseball cap is a cap worn by baseball players in recent times, but this present time it is generally worn, they are easily accessible in the market today.I love the baseball cap mainly because it protects my forehead and eyes from sunlight.


Derby, Bowler Hat, Clothing, Grey, Hat


Bowler is a round black hat formally popular among British business, it fits both men and women, and it comes in handy though.


Child, Beret, Cold, Autumn, Lipstik

Beret is a type of round, brimless cap with soft top and a head band to secure it to the head, it is culturally associated with France, make sure you cock it to one side to bring out all its beauty. I love wearing my blue beret(like this;corked to one side)haha


Man Wearing White Hat Greyscale Photography

Boater is a Straw hat with a round top, boater is not meant for the boatmen only.

Bucket hat

Free stock photo of woman, girl, model, hat

Bucket hat is a small round, soft cap with a wide and downward sloping brim.

Different styles

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Woman in Red Top Standing Near Blue Side by Side Soor


It’s just for you to know the caps you wear , by the way am rocking my peplon gown with fedora next sunday!.








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