Important things to do right before going to bed at night

Right about now it’s night and I know that some of us may be sleepy and are preparing to go to bed, but there are some things that we need to do before going to sleep, check out ma list and know if there are some of them you are not doing (time to do it right).

Take a bath

Shower, Douche, Bathroom, Clean, Water, Bath, Washing



Highly recommended, have you noticed that whenever you take a cool bath with cold water before sleeping you sleep well and feel fresh as the cool breeze calms your nerves. Besides, taking a bath before sleeping is just hygienic and if you try to make it a habit, you will enjoy it.

Wash your face

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Especially for people with an oily skin, every  night before going to bed, make sure you wash your face with soap and water or bring your face close to steam for some minutes;helps in removing some oil in the face and also removes some dead skin and leaves the skin pore open and healthy. Doing this always frees your face from some rashes and gives you a pretty face

Remove all Makeups and accessories.

Pretty Woman, Makeup, Mirror, Glamour

Remove your watch, earring, sandals, bangles, necklaces  and all your make ups before going to bed, wash off all make ups to avoid the chemicals in it reacting with your skin.


Just before you sleep, have a moment of prayer.


And there you go; sleep tight.

Blinks(sleepy me).


7 thoughts on “Important things to do right before going to bed at night

  1. I loved that you included the fourth tip (; At the end of the day, one of the things that I know I should do but I also want to do, is pray…its great to just open up to God about my day and everything going on. 🙂

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  2. [ Smiles ] Most people I know, take paths before they go to bed.

    Praying before going to bed is, commonplace around the world.

    Also, it is highly recommended that women remove make-up from their face before going to bed, because it has the potential for clogging pores.

    Lovely article!

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