Gym essentials: stuffs you need to have in your gym bag.

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Now who loves going to the gym? I hope you do, going to the gym is one of the best things you can do for your body, when you start going to they gym and you work out using the right equipments, you will surely love the results you will get, so today I thought to write on some things you will need for gaming.

A bag

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This is where all the things you need for the gym will be in, so you need a nice bag, not too big and not too small.,

A pair of comfortable shoes.

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Yes you will need a nice pair of shoes that you can work out on comfortably, you can look out for a nice sport shoe from these brands: Adidas, puma, Nike, Jordan and Reebok.


Fragrance, Male Toiletries, Spray

You really need this because you are surely goanna sweat while gaming, so you will need your deodorant to prevent some sweaty smell that come up.


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A bath towel and a hand towel, the hand towel is important for wiping your face and your body when you get all sweaty(copy that), and the bath towel is for showering after you are done, so you ought to bring with you all the things you will need for shower,soap, sponge e.t.c

Bluetooth streaming devices.

Bluetooth Headsets, Headphones, Music

Listening to some cool music while on the gym is just  good and makes you enjoy your time and work out, you can even use an ear piece connected to your phone.

Water bottle.

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When you get thirsty, you will surely thank your water bottle.

Digital watch.

Iphone, Iwatch, Smartphone, Smartwatch

It’s always good to time your self while doing some exercise, you know some exercise moves are done with time some 30 secs and some min(you understand).

So these are my gym essentials, I know that you have yours too, I would really love to know.




5 thoughts on “Gym essentials: stuffs you need to have in your gym bag.

  1. Hey Chinwendu!! It was such an amazing post about gym essentials I fully enjoyed it. And personally I LOVE trying deodorant and while packing my gym bag everyday I make sure I carry adequate amount of energy drinks along with me and bluetooth device that helps in making the workout session enjoyable. Its that part of my day when I fully relax and forget all the stress that follow mind throughout the day after classes and whatsoever left. I LOVED your post☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thanks purva, am glad you enjoyed reading this, energy drinks really helps alot with some nice music you know.


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