New month vibes.


Hy peeps, am so happy to be alive today in the land of the living, come on we just stepped into the month of june(mid month). You  know, a new month comes with great vibes.

Agenda, Calendar, Schedule Plan, Year

It’s just good to set goals which we want to achieve by the end of a month, so today am goanna tell you my plans for this month(vibes).

I just resumed with my school exams, so this month is goanna be a busy one for me, but below are my goals for the month of june(copy that).

Save more cash



Money, Euros, Currency, Seem, Bank Note



This month is a month of wise spending for me, and this month am goanna try to save more cash, keep my change and manage a lot of things.

 Blog more!

Blog more? oh yes blog more! this month am goanna try my best to write more great and nice contents that will be useful to my readers, and am goanna add something new to my blog.

Exercise more

Balance, Beach, Ocean, Person, Sand, Sea




Very important, though I don’t go to the gym but am goanna invest some of my time in exercise(fitness rocks), go for body toning and walk my legs more.

Tasty nutrition(good for me!)

Tomatoes, Tomato Mozzarella, Basil

That’s right, am goanna eat clean diet this month(ditch the junks), cook more and bake more!

Make nice clothes

Sewing, Cotton, Thread, Material, Tape

I started attending a sewing class lately, and I hope to make really nice clothes by the end of this month.

Read my Bible more

There are lots of nice things waiting for me to grab in my Bible, so am goanna go grab them, this month I hope to read my Bible the more.

Influence someone Positively.

Beer Garden, Sunset, Fun, After Work

This month am goanna try my best to influence someone positively.

So guys, the above written are what I wish to do /achieve by the end of this lovely month of june. you got yours(let me know) I will be happy to know yours too.

Till next time

Blinks(Happy me)



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