Blogging basics 101

Hello everyone, blogging is just something else, I have been blogging for about three years now, spent some time on blogger and then the rest here on wordpress  but never hosted my site(planning to), you know when I started blogging(at 14) I did so because I wanted to write out to people, but my passion for blogging is making me to aim high, with what I know about blogging am making this post today.


As a blogger there are some things and actions that will make you to succeed, get the right followers and subscribers(because it’s all about your audience) and that’s all about the blogging basics 101. Okay firstly, if you just started blogging check out an open letter to new bloggers for an introduction. Let me say that there are some facts about blogging which I think you need to know, but I wont go into details check it out here.

Blogging Basics 101

Blog design

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Blog design matters a lot here, you know when you land on a site and it just looks somehow and the sidebars are all over loaded and the blog design is just not okay, it chases your blog visitors away, so having your blog look good is just the first thing to success in blogging. so work on your blog site’s design and layout.

Great content

In the blogging world content is always king, quality and great content makes your site to be visited always because your readers know that in your blog there is always great things to know and see, See how to write a quality content for your blog. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to get ideas on what to write about see how to get blog post ideas.

Consistency is key

When you are a regular blogger, people start to notice your blog and in no time you will be getting more subscribers, You should be writing 3-4 times in a week but check out this post to see  how to be a consistent blogger.


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That’s replying to comments well, giving your readers what they want, reading other bloggers blog posts and commenting on them, sharing and linking to other bloggers. They all aid to the growth of your site.

Blog post promotion

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Your blog posts tend to get more views and likes when you share them on social media  platforms, that’s just a great way to drive traffic to your blog, connect your blog to your social media accounts and share your blogposts on it. your friends will surely visit right? Check out this post about how to promote your blog contents.

The above are the basics, I linked them to some of my posts for more explanation, there are some other things that you will do to make your blog a success, check out things that successful bloggers do. And blogging comes with so many advantages which I would like to let you know about here.

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So finally I would love to let you see my favourite blogs here on the WordPress community, the blogs are just good and you will love them, check out my favourite blogs to see them. Blogging is more fun if you get your blog monetized, so as you go on with blogging, give it a thought.

Thanks for reading this, I will be happy to know that it helped you.

Blinks(happy me.)


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