Categories of students in a girls dormitory/lodge.



I was once a boarder (lived in a boarding house in school), and I met with so many categories of people in school, it was fun, check my dorm story here. So let’s know the categories of students you surely find in the boarding house.

The noise makers: This set of people can make noise for africa, they are always talking, if you stay with them, you will likely get tired of listening.

The borrowers: Yes, we don’t have it all, but some students tend to form the borrowing habit, some are even tagged”borrowers cribs”

The cool ones: This set of people are cool and fun to hangout with while in school, they are just nice and focused.

Always eating ones: This set of people can’t do without food, they are always eating, some of them are slightly fat.


Fun loving ones: To them, all they want to do always is have fun, better though.

The big girls: Don’t mess up with them cause you wouldn’t like the outcome of it, the big girls are always spending and are classy.

The dirty ones: They are just boring to be with.

The lazy ones: They hardly work.

The book worms: This set of people read like mad, it counts though.

The stingy ones: They don’t like to give and are not good at begging/borrowing(great right?

These were the categories of people I met during my stay in the dormitory, you got yours? let me know.




12 thoughts on “Categories of students in a girls dormitory/lodge.

  1. I am all surrounded with the noise makers, the cool ones, fun loving and not to forget the book worms . I really enjoyed reading this and hope you will too enjoy reading my blog too👌👍

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  2. oh I relate to this post, like there are so many categories of people you are goanna meet in a dormitory and the most annoying ones are the noise makers.

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