Life in the dormitory

So today, I thought to share my experience on the boarding house with you guys today, I must say it was a place I once called home.

I remember when I started my secondary education(@ mater amabilis sec sch), my parents had sent me to a boarding school where I was meant to dwell  till the end of the term, the school was an all girls school, that was the first time I left home, at first, I was so happy at the thought that I will study in a boarding school.

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The day I left home, off to school, I was so happy and joyful, when it was time for my parents to go home(in the evening), I bade them goodbye and they left, that night I couldn’t sleep, I was missing them already, I think my own homesickness started the next day(too bad to be normal). the school’s hostel was like a hall filled with bunks.

I later conquered the homesickness and started enjoying my stay in school, waking up early and preparing for morning masses was a major challenge for me because one, am not a catholic and two I hated it, in boarding school bullying is common and that’s coming from the seniors, that was why I was hardly found in the hostel,the school’s hostel was like a hall filled with bunks. I avoided our seniors so much that some of them didn’t even know I was in their hostel, my first hostel then was st magret’s hostel, my senior neighbour was so good to me, she always protected my interest, I was her bunkie.

Securing properties in the hostel wasn’t easy, I made sure that all my belonging were marked with a marker, we get to share in the hostel, putting up with noise makers during light outs wasn’t easy, you every hostel has their news broadcasting students, the radio without battery(talkative)


Every saturday, at night we do what we call”social night“, that’s a night of having so much fun as in you wear whatever you like, we do presentations, dramas, fashion, crack jokes and have more fun, that’s why i hate missing saturday’s(sometimes I go home for the weekend). Attending night classes was a deal for me(loved it), some days I get serious to read at night class , while there are some days I just want to have a group reading with my  great friends, I had so great and cool friends in school, we were always there for each other, uka, chidimma,blessing and chinenye were my cool friends when I was in school.

In the boarding house you don’t get fed as you will be fed at home, so while going back to school we go with supplementary foods to keep us chilling and rocking.


At the end of every first term(that’s towards the christmas season), before we close for the term, we have our christmas party and exchange of gifts day(a great way to end the term).

This is the much I can say for now, next post will be on the types of students you will  meet in a typical hostel, catch up with it, I hope you enjoyed my reading my dorm experiences.



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