Exercises to lose belly fat




I guess you are motivated and determined to burn off that belly fat, well it doesn’t just happen like a miracle, it is journey of patience. You don’t just start seeing the results immediately it might take up to six months, but this is what you will do, take measurements using a measuring tape and record in a book. While you exercise also drink  lots of water and eat well too(foods high in protein).Today its picture tutorial.

 Exercises that burn belly fat



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Planks are very effective when it comes to belly fat because it targets the deep side of the midsection,Take the above position for 30 secs(try). This exercise has it’s effect on the belly and the arms.

Scissors lift


This exercise affects the belly and the thighs only,take this position for 20 minutes(try)



This exercise is highly effective as it targets your belly easily,it is easy to do,it can also be done with dumbbells


Running, Runner, Long Distance, Fitness


Both are cardiovascular exercises,they are those exercises that get your heart to beat in a high rate than normal,they are effective in the sense that they burn general fat.









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