Prohibit bullying!


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Hello everyone, I hate the fact that bullying still exists especially in boarding schools where the parents are far from their children, bullying is an act of intimidating a weaker person to do something, especially such repeated coercion, it is a persistent act intended to make life unpleasant and uneasy for a person (student), bullying normally comes from the senior students but in some cases it comes form students of the same class and equals.

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While I was in school, it was because of bullying that I was hardly seen in the school dormitory (always in the classroom)

Bully, Bullying, Boys

I think the best way to fight bullying in school is to notify the school authority to lay a strict law against bullies, because it’s getting out of hand, when a students life is made uneasy in school, I wonder the outcome of his/her results.

Please guys, I would love to know your minds and what you think about this.( it’s a serious matter.)



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