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Hi guys,you know anything about me? (I doubt)today I thought to do an interview post(I call it), so you can know some things about me,  I hope you enjoy.


How many siblings do you have?

Well I have four siblings (all boys) and we all love each other so much.

What are your favorite dishes?

I love Nigerian dishes and some intercontinental dishes especially fried rice

What’s your favorite subject in high school?

That’s chemistry especially the practical sessions.

What are your hobbies?

I got so many hobbies, ones like cooking, baking, making beads and blogging and oh I love travelling.

Are you in any relationship?

Nope, single…yeah, my friends can understand.

Have you ever traveled out of your country?

Nope, am looking forward to traveling to Spain by God’s grace.Check out my travel bucket list.

Do you party?

Actually, am an introvert, I hardly party.

What’s your favorite movie?

At the moment it should be “Vampire dairies”

What do you believe in?

I believe in God, the power of love and the law of karma.

You got pets?

Nope, I hate pets.

What’s your favorite fruit?

Banana it is.

Do you eat junk foods?

Oh yes, like everybody does (directly/indirectly)

Do you plait your hair?

Nope, maybe soon.

What kind of person are you?

Well am always smiling, kind at heart and I love being with my friends.

What skills do you have?

I can make beaded jewelry and bags, I can crotchet, I can sew clothes,I can produce liquid soap, I can make birthday cakes/wedding cakes.

What’s your plan for the future?

yeah…becoming a pharmacist, saving lives, I belive that we scientists can find a cure to Cancer,Ebola and HIV/AIDs(Do you agree with me?)

Do you eat out?

No I hardly do.

What’s living in a dorm like?

OMG.. I made a post about it…see it here


So that’s the much you can know about me today…I hope you enjoyed reading it because am living it.Thanks for stopping by.










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