A letter to new bloggers

So guys, today I just remembered when I started blogging newly, and all the experiences I had then, it prompted me to make this post.

Let me start by saying this “blogging is fun”  blogging is fun and at the same time tough, there are lots of blogs out there. When I created Lifestyle exclusives  and started blogging, getting views and likes wasn’t easy to come by, so don’t think that you will get likes and comments immediately you publish your first post. With more blogging, your blog will be discovered by other bloggers.


Make great content: Here, consider the quality of your post before the quantity, making great posts attracts people to your blog(people like me) and it increases your blog views. Just like they say”content is kingsee how to make great contents here

Reach out to other bloggers: As a blogger, connecting to other bloggers will do you good, and you connect with them by liking and following their blogs, and taking time to read and comment on thier blog posts, this helps you to establish some benieficial relationships.

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Consistency is the key: when you blog regularly, you get more chances of having many blog view, likes,comments, and follows, blogging regularly makes your site to be noticed and from there…… see how to become a consistent blogger here

Have fun while blogging: I mean enjoy blogging, enjoy writing posts that will make people laugh, learn and get motivated.


Picture speaks a lot more: Sometimes it’s just better and more explanatory to add more pictures to a blog post, so try to add pictures to your blog posts, the eye understands more by seeing.

Don’t give up: No matter what happens, no likes?, no comments? low followers?, don’t give up, someone out there is  interested in your blog and articles.

come on, Blogging is work and the same time fun, so let’s do this! i hope this article of mine helps you, notify me if you concur with the above.

Wish you a better blogging experience.



8 thoughts on “A letter to new bloggers

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  1. Hey Lillian! I enjoyed reading your blog post and it makes a lot of sense. I started writing blog posts for a class and, at first, I really didn’t enjoy it. I was writing about things that I did not enjoy writing about. I wrote about things that I thought other students would like but, when I started writing more about stuff that I like and stuff that I enjoy, I got more views and likes. Also, pictures are great because you can write less! Oh, um, my name is Avery and I’m from America. (Maybe I should have said that at the beginning.) This is my blog post https://cultureasite.wordpress.com

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