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Hello guys, I love the fact that we can now buy stuffs online, it’s so good(all thanks to technology), with online shopping you don’t need to walk about in a shopping mall looking for something, with online shopping all you need to do is just type in your desired product in an online store and the product will be shown to you, it is then left for you to choose the one you like and then pay for it, sit back at home while it is been delivered right to your door step(isn’t that just great?)

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You can shop online using your mobile phone or desktop, all you need is just acess to the internet and a debit or credit card and you are all done. Just browse into any of the stores I listed below and search for what you want to buy in their search box.

There are so many online stores online ones like, KongaJumia, Kara and the rest, these stores are open 24/7 so you don’t need to worry.

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With online shopping, you are guaranteed of a quality product, and goods are well packaged and brought to you. But comparing buying goods online and in the shopping mall there seems to be a disadvantage and advantage (which is normal), with online shopping you don’t need to stress yourself but when the purchase is done offline that’s in the market, you get to see and get a feel of what you want to buy, where there are online stores out there that deliver quality products, there are ones that defect on that area, there have been some cases where the buyer gets the wrong products or bad product.

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They sell at a best price.

Comparing the prices of goods in an online store, we find out that some of the goods sold online are cheaper than at the market; online shopping is right about great, if you are a good business man, trust me your business will convert more when you open an online store. Will surely be diving into this by the time I make my own products.


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The shopping mall enviroment (grocery store)

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