6 secrets of passing an examination.



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Hello guys, been a long time I blogged, am back now I promise, really busy with exams but am a bit free from it for now (thank God).


So today, am writing on the secrets of passing an examination, been attending some seminars lately and I think it’s time I made a post , okay let me start by saying this ” you pass or fail an examination because of your decision and the way you prepared for the examination”  you know sometimes we read so hard and at the end we don’t get our targeted marks (that’s due to the way we prepared for it).The first secret of passing any examination is early and adequate preparation.

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Now for you to pass any examination (without cheating) you must be very studious and hardworking because there is dignity in labour (hard work pays), I mean reading like as if it all depends on reading(burning the midnight candle), you know, when you read very well for an examination, you will be very confident on the day of the exam(because surely what you read must be set), when you are preparing for an examination please do well to read according to the syllabus set for the examination, some students fail because the read off the syllabus. There is a word called FAILURE in examination and am goanna define it for you with the causes of failure.

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FFriend and Fear

AAttitude of bad reading and Attendance to class

I—-Incomplete materials

LLack of interest, Laziness, Lateness


RRecreation that leads to procrastination

EExamination malpractice

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So, the above definition of failure is the main reasons students fail an examination, below are the secrets of passing an examination, and if you do them with sound discipline, you will surely tell your success story.

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The secrets of passing an examination.


  • Prepare early: Early preparation makes you to relax and read without rushing any topic, it gives you more time for practice and revision, it also helps you to be able to test your speed and accuracy before the exam begins(so important right?) okay, let me ask, have you started preparing for that examination already?


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  • Determination: Determination eventually leads to success, when you are determined to pass, that’s when you start reading like for hours that’s when you don’t dare to miss classes. So are you determined to pass that exam?

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  • Read with the right materials: Have a positive attitude towards reading, Just like I said, read according to the syllabus for the exam, buy text books, while reading a topic browse the net for more understanding/information (sometimes you need to see a picture of what you are reading about e.g. water lily; you can search for it’s picture online), you can buy two textbooks written by different authors for a course (a combination of different author’s knowledge is just so good). Don’t only read to pass rather read to know and expand your knowledge (that way you won’t forget easily).

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  • Listen to instructions: Every exam comes with it’s laid down instructions of which you are supposed to give strict adherence to, always read the instructions very well before answering the questions that follow.


  • Apply speed and accuracy: Work with time, don’t rush to answer any question (just cool down) and relax so that your brain will release information.


  • Hand it over to God and trust in him for your success: The wise student trusts and believes in God for success because “it is not of him that doeth but of God that showeth mercy”. Put God first (he doesn’t disappoint).


Now you know the secrets of success and failure in an examination, the ball is now in your court, just like I said earlier “whether you pass or fail an exam, it all depends on you (and only you)”. Thanks for reading, expect more from me.
















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