Blogging battles.

Hello bloggers, blogging is tough right? Well it becomes tougher when you are consistent, we bloggers need tons of ideas you know, and that fact makes blogging tough, for real professional bloggers: they find it to be competitive, that’s when the SEO headache comes in.

One thing about making a blog post is making it in a such a way that your reades will understand, appreciarte and learn from.☺

Comments are precious, yes it is, some comments just inspires bloggers to write more. I know that some of us may be dying to get someone comment on our blog posts (me too😊).

Okay, let me write this: social media is a great way to publicize your blog posts, am telling you, by the time one of your great posts storms twitter, Facebook,wattsap, instagram and the rest, it will be looked upon. # guaranteed.


Just write more, engage your readers with interesting topics, make your posts look good with quality pictures. Remember, it’s all about your readers/you😀


Happy me☝



8 thoughts on “Blogging battles.

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  1. That hard work surely paid off if we get a single loyal reader at the end of the day and a comment nothing can replace that overwhelming smile when we get it on our post. Great post it is


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